For situations where a video of a virtual tour is required, we've got that covered too. While it is best to let the viewer interact with the 3D virtual space, a video is a useful output for promoting the tour on social media or posting on websites that only support video.

As standard, you get a GIF and two short videos with your scan. For an extra fee, we can produce a full flythrough of your space. Let's take a look at some examples of these generated video assets.

Here's an example of a GIF animation from the St Mary's Church tour:

Intro GIF of St Mary's Church, Warsash

It's enlarged here, as it's native size is 320 by 240 pixels. Perfect for social media applications.

Below is an example of the short MP4 video introduction of the same space:

It's 10 seconds long and has a resolution of 480p, so again, perfect for social media posts. The long version below is slightly longer at 13 seconds:

Here is an example of a premium generated video (which can vary in length) and presented in HD:

So that wraps up this look at the different kinds of video content that can be generated from a 3D virtual tour. It's pretty amazing. With a single scan of your space you can get a 3D virtual environment for your visitors to explore, 2D still photographs and video, all from the same data (plus the raw 3D data - I'll explain that in future post).