In this post I will talk about the benefits of using 3D virtual tours to help properties stand out from the rest of the housing market. Now, using this inventive technology, sellers can virtually open their doors to more buyers, who can make virtual viewings from potentially anywhere in the world. Click below to take a look at an example:

Virtual Viewings

A 3D virtual tour makes it very easy for buyers to view the interior of a property they are interested in at the click of a button. This makes sellers who use them stand out from every other listing on Rightmove, Zoopla, etc., that just has a 2D picture slideshow.

Photography You Can Walk Through

So instead of just going through a series of unconnected images in a slideshow, a 3D virtual tour lets buyers walk through the 3D virtual space and scan rooms just like they do on a physical viewing.

Fewer Time Wasters

Buyers that request a physical viewing of properties that offer a 3D virtual tour are much more likely to becoming a buyer. This is because now, the physical viewing is really the second viewing for the buyer, not the first. Have a look at your ratio of buyers that only view a property once and those that make multiple viewings. Wouldn't it be nice to reduce the former?

Attract Remote Buyers

A virtual 'first viewing' is perfect for buyers who don't live in their target area. They will have a lot more confidence in committing to travelling for a physical viewing. This opens up the market for a property to a wider audience.


So by using the latest 3D photographic scanning technology, now virtual viewings are almost as good a physical first viewing.

To learn more about all the features of a 3D virtual tour, then read this post.

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