Information Posts can be used within a 3D virtual tour to provide the user with extra information about an object in the space or the building itself.

At their most basic, they can consist of just text. However, they can also link out to other websites, giving the opportunity for the user to learn more, as shown in the example below.

An example of an Information Post consisting of text and a link.

They can also include a photograph along with some text. When the user hovers over or clicks/taps the post, a preview of the image is shown underneath the text, as in the image below.

Example of including an image with text, in preview mode.

The user can then click on the image to enlarge it, with the text moving to the top and not covering the image, as shown below.

Example of enlarging an image within an Information Post.

In addition, video and sound can be included, with videos playing inside the virtual tour. As long as the video is on a service such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc., it can be embedded in the Information Post. For audio, services such as Spotify and SoundCloud are supported. For a full list of supported media check out this link:

So Information Posts allow you to include extra information and media about your space or you could link to different parts of your website from within the virtual tour. This way you can achieve a great integration between the virtual tour and your website.