Introducing my first commercial 3D virtual tour of a stunning recently expanded and renovated bungalow (now practically a house). Click the link below for the full experience:

The two main stand-out features for me are the new kitchen and the large master bedroom upstands created by the addition of a very large double dormer window.

The rest of this article will use this project to demonstrate the features of a 3D virtual tour, powered by Matterport.

Dollhouse view

Dollhouse view of Cooper Grove

In the Dollhouse viewing mode, you can explore the space in 3D as though the external walls have been removed, a bit like a child's dollhouse with the front wall/door open. You can select a single floor to focus on and see how that floor is laid out. Click on the image above to interactively explore the Dollhouse view.

Floorplan view

Floorplan view of the ground floor of Cooper Grove

That leads to the floorplan viewing mode, where a top down view is displayed of each floor. Any room labels will show in this view, making it really clear how the floor is laid out and divided into rooms and areas.

Highlight Reel

Highlight Reel, marked in red

The highlight reel (shown in the red box in the image above) allows viewers to quickly teleport to the locations within the tour that interests them the most. You open and close the highlight reel by clicking on the film strip icon.

Guided Tour

Viewers can opt to be taken around a space using the Guide Tour mode.

In the virtual tour player, click the play button and the viewer is guided around the place automatically (the video above demonstrates this feature). However, they can stop it anytime if they want to explore part of the space in more detail.

Information Posts

Information Post showing a close-up of the dishwasher.

Information posts provided extra information about objects and features within a space. They can include text, images, video and sound. All that is required is that the media is available to be linked to on the web, such as YouTube for video, SoundCloud for sound, etc.

Outsite 360° views

Back garden of the Cooper Grove house.

As well as inside 3D views, we can also shoot 2D 360° views. Click here to open up the virtual tour in the back garden of Cooper Grove and have a look around.

2D Photo Snapshots

A 2D photo snapshot of the lounge.

Regular 2D photos can be extracted from the 3D virtual tour, saving on extra photography costs and time.


So that concludes a review of this project and some of the amazing features that you get with our 3D virtual tours. If you are interesting in getting a space scanned, please contact me here on Linkedin or phone 023 8111 2360. I look forward to working with you.