Royal Victoria Chapel


  • Date:June 14, 2019
  • Client:Hampshire County Council
  • Category:Historic

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  • After careful conservation and restoration, the Royal Victoria Chapel at Netley has reopened in all its glory. There are many highlights of this virtual tour, which covers 5 floors and over 12,000 ft².

    On the ground floor there is a exhibition in the Main Gallery featuring many artefacts from the Victorian era when the chapel was just a small part of the large Royal Victoria Military Hospital, which dominated the site that is now Royal Victoria Country Park. The Main Gallery also features beautiful stained glass windows and a fully working original organ (which you can hear in the tour).

    You can also explore the Upper Gallery, which looks down on the Main Gallery. This area was used to accommodate many more people for attending services, raising the capacity to 800.

    You can look out of the two large windows at the view of Southampton Water on the 1st and 2nd floor. These used to be openings to the rest of the hospital.

    The roof space above the Upper Gallery is also included in the tour where you can examine the carpentry of the roof and learn about the pulleys that were used to raise and lower the chandeliers.

    If you wish, you can virtually climb the bell tower, which is 150 ft high and has 109 steps to the very top. Or if you are short of time, you can zoom straight to the top by selecting the 5th floor in the virtual tour interface.

    Once at the top of the tower, you can enjoy the views, learn about the tower's three bells and what the view from the tower looked like at different periods of history.

    This project took two days to capture and features over 220 individual scans.